This is what a Japanese wedding procession looks like

I happened to be at a shrine a couple of weeks ago with the family when a wedding procession came directly my way. It’s very beautiful, and quiet, and serious.

3 thoughts on “This is what a Japanese wedding procession looks like

  1. That’s interesting. Last time I was in Japan, there seemed to be a wedding going on whenever I visited a shrine. In Fukuoka and Tokyo the timing was tightly controlled, with one wedding party queued up, one in the shrine, and one out back getting photographed, all at the same time.
    The one I witnessed at Nijojo seemed less quick and more formal, with a small group of musicians to play the bride and groom away. I suspect Nijojo is somewhat more select as a venue than the other shrines I saw.
    Here’s some of the photos I took (if you’ll forgive a bit of blogwhoring):
    Is there any significance to the two types of bridal headwear I saw? One was like the one in your video, but the rest were a vertical disc.