Blind, a short film about post-nuclear Japan

I don’t really know what to say about it at the moment, but it’s a beautiful short five-minute movie worth watching.

6 thoughts on “Blind, a short film about post-nuclear Japan

  1. The danger is seriously real. Look up Chernobyl.
    It is unfortunate that most, not all, people are so wrapped up in their consumerism. And when someone (a protester) attempts to gather signatures, they are viewed, or regarded, as imposing on ones time.
    This leads to a runaway government, influenced by corporations that care for only profits. And nuclear plants provide them with profits. Big profits.
    It is ugly but true, profits over people and children, is todays mantra.
    The short was correct in its depiction. You were spared the endless radiation poisoning (throwing up sessions) that people go through, before they die.
    Welcome to the corporate profit reality.

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