Video: Fukushima residents address government official about radiation

I’m deeply disturbed and saddened by this video, which shows a room full of Fukushima residents asking a government representative some fundamental questions that remain unanswered four months after the earthquake + subsequent radiation leak: Do Fukushima residents have the same right to safety from nuclear threat as the rest of humanity? Will you please do as you said earlier and test our children’s urine for radiation levels?

The official’s response–blatant and apathetic dismissal of the people’s concerns–is simultaneously abhorrent and not surprising. But most of all, it made me really sad that things have gotten to this point.


6 thoughts on “Video: Fukushima residents address government official about radiation

  1. Wow. So rude and unsettling that they just ignored such important questions without making any effort to explain to anyone what’s really going on and why. Even if the true answers aren’t ones that Fukushima residents will like, it’s better than no answer at all.

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