Digital vending machine at Sendai Station


I spotted this digital vending machine at the Sendai train station. Maybe it’s old news, but I had never seen one before–it seems more practical than putting empty cans on a shelf. I also found it funny that it was sitting beside these super analog coin lockers.


5 thoughts on “Digital vending machine at Sendai Station

  1. There’s also one at Shinagawa station in Tokyo. Supposedly they have a camera with some facial recognition software that adjusts the product offerings depending on who’s there (ojisans get lots of coffee choices?).

  2. Interesting. I thought I read in the news recently that in some major cities, they’re limiting the hours that vending machines are on to conserve electricity… so wouldn’t these kinds of machines suck more juice than your standard, LED-lit ones?

  3. We were talking about that the other day. The lights are turned off on the vending machines in Tokyo during certain hours, but you can still see what you want to buy. With the new ones they have to be lit up or they don’t work.