Congratulations to Japan for winning the Women’s World Cup!


What a game! Where did you watch? Who did you root for? I was at a friend’s friend’s house in Bernal Heights with a bunch of Americans and 10 puppies. The Americans were disappointed, but my friend Masami and I were so stoked. More deets on the game here.

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to Japan for winning the Women’s World Cup!

  1. I watched it with a couple of Japanese friends here in Karlsruhe, Germany. It was super dramatic, everyone crossing fingers, fearing, hoping, wishing and in the end we were cheering so loud most neighbors probably woke up, regardless, after the medals were handed out, we drove around to cheer for japan as it always happens with men’s worldcup games but it seemed like there weren’t too many like-minded people out at the same time, actually the whole town was like dead. eerie. We still had our fun and I doubt we’ll ever forget this match. It was brilliant. Hell, I’m still stoked!

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