Photographer documents drunk salarymen passed out on sidewalks


Polish photographer Pawel Jaszczuk has been living in Tokyo for seven years. Duirng that time, he has been documenting drunk salarymen passed out on sidewalks.

One of my very first posts on TokyoMango (in 2006!!) was a series of photographs of a drunk salaryman being escorted off of the Yamanote line by a stationmaster.

Link (Thanks, Jason!)

7 thoughts on “Photographer documents drunk salarymen passed out on sidewalks

  1. I was amazed at how many sleeping people I ran across when I was in Japan — and everywhere, too. In the train station, on the train, on benches, in the street.
    As for this post, I like the guy who hung up his jacket before crashing out. Then there is the one dude who apparently took off his shoes (or left the house without them). Classic.

  2. Thirty years ago I was a young Marine stationed in Hiroshima Japan. I bought a business blue suit and drank with the salarymen. I once passed out on the train and ended up in Shimonoseki. It was all great fun. Especially the time I brought a beer bong to the beer garden. The salarymen were barfing all over the place. They never allowed the funnel into the garden again.