New rock album inspired by Japanese death poems


My friend Peter Arcuni, aka Sonny Pete, has a new album out called Where the Shadows Pass that is inspired by Japanese death poems. Very cool! He says:

Where the Shadows Pass, first inspired by a collection of Japanese death poems, is conceived as a series of vignettes and meditations on the nature of death and passage. You see, in the Buddhist tradition monks would each write a single haiku on their deathbed to reflect on the shadowy journey ahead. Despite the grim circumstance of their creation, these death poems were also a celebration of life both in this world and on to the next. This duality is the crux of the odes comprising Where the Shadows Pass.

We just missed his performance at Cafe du Nord (one of my favorite venues in SF) last week but keep an eye on his web site for more show dates… also, I just downloaded the album (available on iTunes) and it’s great!

Sonny Pete’s web site

2 thoughts on “New rock album inspired by Japanese death poems

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