The Japan earthquake Journalist Wall of Shame

Someone started a Journalist Wall of Shame Wiki that points out some of the over-the-top sensationalism and just plain shoddy journalism that has been adding to the confusion over what’s going on in Japan. I’m not commenting one way or the other on the validity of the claims made on this wall, but I appreciate its existence nonetheless.

(Thanks, Kazu Y!)

4 thoughts on “The Japan earthquake Journalist Wall of Shame

  1. Do you not want to comment because, since you’re not on the ground in Japan, you don’t have your own senses to tell you that 99% of what is coming out of the western media is total BS?
    do you feel it would be hypocritical of you to criticize them for “over-the-top sensationalism and just plain shoddy journalism”????

  2. My (full)name is Sakaguchi Benjamin Akeala Belew.(坂口ベンジャミン明ベルー)
    I am a half Japanese, half-American composer and artist that resides in Indiana. After hearing the devastated news of the earth quake, flood, nuclear radiation etc. I created a video with my composition “Aria” to send hope to my home land and the people.

    Please take a look. And if you do, thank you for your time in doing so.
    Sakaguchi Benjamin Akeala Belew