Beautiful short film on motorcycle maker Shinya Kimura

Everything is considered an art in Japan. Here, you really see how motorcycle builder Shinya Kimura perceives his job as more than that. “For me a motorcycle is more than art,” he says. “It’s something that brings out my instincts, the wildness and vulnerability in me.”

(Thanks, Kazu Y!)

One thought on “Beautiful short film on motorcycle maker Shinya Kimura

  1. I know exactly how this guy feels. Riding a bike is like a ballet almost. Your reacting to the road, you almost get tunnel vision, calculating distances, predicting other cars, responding accordingly. When riding, you only think about the road, and the bike. It’s as if you and it are one, gracefully navigating whatever twists and turns are before you. He’s right when he said it feels like flying. Man, if I had the engineering abilities he had, I’d be doing the same thing.