Talking piggy bank caters to carnivorous v. herbivorous Japanese males

Takara Tomy just released a toy piggy bank that encourages you to save money by talking a lot. Sounds simply annoying, but here’s what makes this product a little bit more interesting: the toy company made two versions, each catering to the distinct caricatures of Japanese men that CNN controversially popularized last summer–herbivores and carnivores. The stereotypical herbivore man is super sensitive, skinny, weak, asexual, and he’s encouraged by his piggy bank (the green one) to save 100 yen at a time in a very gentle, persuading tone. The carnivore bank says stuff like, “I like the heaviness of the 500 yen coin!” and can pocket 5x more money than the herbivore bank.

Product page (Japanese)

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