Sushi and Harajuku girls in Portland, Oregon

I just got back from Portland, Oregon. If you’ve never been there, this will give you an idea of what it’s like. It’s a song from the hilarious new TV show Portlandia:

I spent the day with my college friend Naomi, who used to be a sushi chef and is now temporarily retired. As we walked into a bookstore a guy asked us to sign a petition to ban plastic bags, and then Naomi got in trouble with the bookstore owner because she had a Kindle. That night we went to a local Japanese-ish restaurant with really good burgers called Yakuza and then dropped by at a bar full of people who looked like they were straight out of the 90s.

My friend Jason Wishnow sent me this clip–also from Portlandia–featuring two shrinking Harajuku Girls obsessed with coffee and a dog named Hichiro. It’s amazing, watch!