Aldious, a Kansai rock band formed by five girls who look like hostesses

Aldious is an all-girl rock band from Kansai formed in 2008. They look like they work in a hostess bar. I don’t love the music but give them props for popularizing the agejyo-meets-headbanger concept. Like power rangers, each member has a theme color.

4 thoughts on “Aldious, a Kansai rock band formed by five girls who look like hostesses

  1. This video made me grin. It wasn’t what I was expecting and that one girl (haha still laughing when I think about her) she’s playing the guitar and I must say I’ve never seen someone with such a happy smile on their face playing metal before. All that hair on her head with a bow and jamming away!
    Is that fashion style hime gyaru, or something like that? I think those outfits are really expensive. Perhaps I shouldn’t complain if the gf likes True Religion jeans instead of all that.

  2. You had me at hostesses, power rangers and metal. They’re not exactly Bolt Thrower or Morbid Angel, but at least they look nice. Hostess Metal (patent pending) FTW.

  3. how much more would i have loved metallica if they had been 5 beautiful Japanese girls? Guess it’s never too late to find out, yes? Though it doesn’t look like a full vid is around… can you buy this stuff in the US?

  4. I’m 100% certain that these girls are not actually playing anything. This is a modern day Mili Vanili. They were assembeled to make horny old oji chans buy metal CDs.