The most popular oil blotting paper in the country

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When my friend Ryo Shimizu–a successful tech entrepreneur from Japan–came to San Francisco last month, he brought me this lovely packet of oil blotting paper from the most popular oil blotting paper brand in Japan as omiyage. Yes, that’s right, there is a company that specializes in making the perfect oil blotting paper. Do they sell oil blotting paper in the US? I certainly have never seen any at Walgreens.

6 thoughts on “The most popular oil blotting paper in the country

  1. LOL, yes, this is from the famed Yohji-ya, headquartered in Kyoto. I’ve been there once when I was in Japan and they have a Yohji-ya CAFE next to the store (with very good drinks & cakes, may I add)!!! They’ve done very well for themselves, being a oil-blotting paper company!

  2. HI! They type of oil blotting paper your referring to is Aburatorigami. (oil blotting paper in Japanese). It’s is the most premium type of blotting paper in the world. You can find the same here in the US from
    Oh BTW: The clean and clear films are made with Mineral Oil. Kind of defeats the purpose…