Runner takes wrong turn right before the finish line and loses

This is maybe the saddest marathon video I have ever seen. The guy in the lead is about to finish–he’s at mile 25.99–when he accidentally takes a wrong turn, following a highly misleading van that does the same. Sad face.

Correction: According to the comment below, this guy is in a relay race, not a marathon, and proudly won his school a place in the top 10 for the first time. Don’t believe the American commentator!

(Thanks, Joe!)

4 thoughts on “Runner takes wrong turn right before the finish line and loses

  1. How many facts could be wrong with one story? First, it was not a marathon race but the Hakone Ekiden, a two-day relay back and forth between Tokyo and the Fuji lake area. Second, he was not the leader. These four were trying to get into the top ten, which gives their team an automatic entry into next year’s race. The guy who took the wrong turn actually recovered to slide into 10th, so no sad face. It was the first time in history his school (Kokugakuin) had made the top 10.

  2. I was just to the left of that red sculpture. What you can’t see in this shot (because of the passing TV van) is that the cop waving his traffic wand is what really confused the guy – the same cop that goes chasing after him.
    When the next pack came in, said cop ignored the traffic and waved only at the runners!