Japan 2.0, a cool photography project on Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter project called Japan 2.0 will allow San Francisco photographer Stirling Elmendorf to go back to Japan and take awesome photos for a book and exhibit. By helping fund the project, you can win prints or signed copies of the book, with shoutouts throughout.

My photographic inspiration began 10 years ago when I moved to rural Japan, on Shikoku- the smallest of Japan’s four main islands. Somehow, Japan changed me and my view of the world forever. I felt a need to distill my feelings and share them in an efficient and translatable format. It’s time to honor that inspiration with a vision unlike anything you’ve seen before…

I’m returning in February to photograph people and places that were so inspiring to me. I’ll create a powerful series of fine art photos that will fuse Japan’s natural beauty, it’s rich and colorful society and it’s textured, man-made structures- both traditional and modern- beautiful and decaying… These photos will be part of the ジャパン2.0 – (JAPAN 2.0) photo book and website. The images will also be part of a photo exhibition in my Japantown neighborhood, here in San Francisco.

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