Video: Grandpa singing folk song using LaDiDa iPhone app

Check out this adorable video of an 88-year old Japanese man testing out the LaDiDa iphone app. LaDiDa is a machine learning app that reads your voice and then sets background music to whatever tune you’re belching out. I love how excited he gets when the music comes on, and his repetition of “dokkoisho” is hilarious. (It’s a word typically used by old people when they have to get up from a chair or pick up something heavy, signaling added physical effort.) I don’t know why he’s holding a boat.

I know this App has been out and popular for awhile, but I’m just downloading it now and am gonna try it out. I’ll let you know how that goes.

You can download LaDiDa here.

3 thoughts on “Video: Grandpa singing folk song using LaDiDa iPhone app

  1. Although she didn’t understand all of the words, my wife said the song the man is singing is an old Hokkaido fisherman’s song. She also mentioned that some of the words are from the Anui people. Very cool stuff…

  2. That looks like a very interesting app. In this video the app adjusts his voice while the man is singing. On the YouTube videos, the subject finishes singing then the app processes the voice when the singer is finished. This doing it in real time is a lot cooler.

  3. Haha! “Dokkoisho!”
    I’m going to remember that because I’m 62 and beginning to make noises when I get up or sit down!
    ‘Dokkoisho’ sounds so much better than my English ‘Euuurrrggghhh!!!!’