New Hello Kitty theme park opens in Odaiba

Great news for Hello Kitty fetishists! On October 22nd, Sanrio opened a new theme park at Tokyo’s entertainment hub, Odaiba, called Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise. From the park map, it looks like there’s a theater, a gift shop, and a pancake corner… and giant dancing mascots. Its biggest clientele = Kitty fans from other parts of Asia, who are flocking the joint to get a glimpse of the one and only Venus Hello Kitty. (Venus, the goddess, is the namesake of the facility that houses the amusement park, called Venus Fort.)

via Nikkei Trendy (Japanese)

2 thoughts on “New Hello Kitty theme park opens in Odaiba

  1. i love hello kitty she is so amazing ive always loved her because she is just so inspiring shes something all little girls should be into at some point!!!! I LOVE YOU KITTY!!!!!