Five-day ramen extravaganza in Tokyo starts today


From today through Sunday, The Komazawa Olympic Stadium is hosting what might be the world’s greatest ramen event ever: The Tokyo Ramen Show. The best ramen chefs from around the country will congregate here and offer delicious bowls of noodle soup to attendees. If you go, please report back and let me know how it was! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Event main page via Fred Schodt’s Twitter

4 thoughts on “Five-day ramen extravaganza in Tokyo starts today

  1. what does the second word in kanji mean? the one next to nihon? I looked it up on, but I can’t find the meaning for the first kanji (of the second word). thx

  2. My wife and I moved to Tokyo three weeks ago. We went to this festival yesterday, and it left no doubt in our minds that we made the right decision with the move. It was mind blowing – around thirty booths setup by various ramen shops, or in some cases multiple shops in one booth with collaboration bowls, and another 30 booths with “tangential” goods like Baby Star products. Most incredible for me was a “corabu” between Ippudo and a shop specializing in tan tan men! Amazing. Definitely steep though, 750 was for slightly smaller than normal bowls, two bowls per person was about right.