Why old people are not reported dead and/or seen as cash cows

A new government survey found that over 230,000 people registered as alive and over 100 are actually missing, i.e. probably dead and not reported as such. This could be because of a lax reporting system or because the relatives want to continue to collect their pensions. Last month, a 111 year old man made headlines when he was found decayed and dead for over 32 years. So weird!

It seems that some people in Japan perceive old people as treasure troves for free cash: I don’t know if this is still common, but I remember when we often heard about young people who would call up random seniors, pretend to be their long-lost son or daughter, and trick them into sending them huge amounts of cash.

A note to sneaky caretakers of old people: our population is aging. Our economy is faltering. Please don’t take precious government money or scam your old relatives, it’s bad for your karma.

via AP

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