I am grateful for this warm summer night in Roppongi full of drunken eyes and empty taxicabs and sidewalks that audibly warn you to watch your step. I love that the lady at the Korean BBQ restaurant leaned over me and tied a bib around my neck like a baby. The one place I hope I don’t go to on this trip is the bar Heartland; still, I enjoyed watching the sleazy white men flirt with sexy Japanese women as I strolled up the escalator to the train station. When I was a kid growing up in Roppongi twenty-some years ago, this was just a small residential neighborhood with single-family homes and small community parks. Even with all the change, the air still smells like home.

2 thoughts on “Roppongi!

  1. It would have been cool to see that area 20 years ago and how it was like back then.
    I’ve never been to Heartland, but my favorite bar in the world is Geronimo Shot Bar. It gets busy around 11PM, so if you don’t live close, there’s plenty to do until the trains run at 6AM. 2nd Fl. Yamamuro Bldg. Right across from Almond. It’s tiny, so you’re sure to make friends. If you come up from the train station on that side of the street, the entrance is to your left.

  2. 20 years? I say you should probably make that 40 years by your description. The main strip in Roppongi especially around the old “Almond” cafe and the English bookstore was always a hotbed for foreign activity. I remember back in 1986 hitting the strip there for the Christian cult I was raised in. You can read about it in my book here in this chapter.