The Yoshida Brothers rock out on the shamisen

I went to see a show by the Yoshida Brothers last night. They’re real brothers who play the tsugaru shamisen, a three-string traditional instrument, but they add elements of jazz, samba, and rock’n’roll to their tunes. It was really entertaining! They also had this awesome charismatic percussionist in a pink-ish beanie had an amazing collection of noise-making tools — wind chimes, rain sticks — that sounded so amazing when they were synced with the sounds of the shamisen. They’re from Hokkaido and are in their early 30s. Super fun! They’re on tour in the US now; you can get tickets to their final SF and LA shows this week on their web site.

3 thoughts on “The Yoshida Brothers rock out on the shamisen

  1. The Yoshida Bros are awesome. I have a couple of their records. It’s too bad that they didn’t come to Denver, or I’d be there.