Satoshi Kon’s final words

Satoshi Kon died on Wednesday, August 25th, but not before writing this incredibly moving, sad, and detailed blog post. He describes the moment he received his diagnosis in May — less than half a year to live due to a metastasized cancer — and then goes on to talk about the things he worried most about as he approached death: paperwork, his guilt for leaving his wife and the staff of his unfinished movie Dream Machine, saying good bye to everyone. The original post is in Japanese, of course, and I encourage you to read it if you have any knowledge of the language. If not, there is an English translation here.

The part that struck me the most is when his parents come down from his native Hokkaido to see him one last time. His mother, at his bedside, says to Kon: “I’m sorry I didn’t give you a stronger body.”

He finishes the blog post with the simple words: “Osaki ni.”
A polite way of leaving the room early.

Sayonara — Satoshi Kon’s blog Kon Stone

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