Pop-up ramen venture serves the best ramen in SF


I had ramen last night. In San Francisco. And guess what, it was delicious! The noodles were just right, the chashu was chunky and good, the bamboo shoots were pretty, the greens were refreshing, and the soft-boiled egg was perfectly soft-boiled. Yum. The venue is actually a Mexican restaurant in the Mission district that is hijacked once every week or two by KenKen Ramen, a pop-up ramen venture started by two guys who went to my high school in Tokyo. You should try it sometime! They post all the location and date and time info on their Twitter feed.

3 thoughts on “Pop-up ramen venture serves the best ramen in SF

  1. Passing through Narita a couple weeks ago my flight was cancelled for mechanical problems. United put me up in a hotel a few blocks from Shinagawa Station. At 0100 AM across from the station I found the greatest Ramen shop ever!!! Wish I remembered the name. With your back to the station look across the street and slightly left. It was a wonderful treat.