Giant Baba, a great man and wrestler

I went over to my friends Ben and Nina’s house today, and Ben was wearing a shirt he’d bought at Uniqlo with an illustration of Giant Baba on it. Giant Baba was a Japanese baseball player-turned-wrestler who was famous for being a really tall, prolific wrestlerfrom the 60s through his death in 1999. In his lifetime, he wrestled in over 5700 matches and was battling it out on the ring just nine days before his passing. What’s more, he was known throughout society as a kind, gentle person.

The amazing video footage above is from a public funeral held several months after his death, in which famous wrestlers from around the world came to pay their respects. I love the moment when his wife comes on the ring and puts his wrestling shoes down. Here’s another video of Giant Baba and Andre the Giant in a match against The Land of Giants circa 1990.

On a side note, I love how Uniqlo makes t-shirts commemorating nostalgic figures from my childhood. I just bought a Dr. Slump tee at Narita on my way back from Tokyo this past winter.

2 thoughts on “Giant Baba, a great man and wrestler

  1. I’ve got this t-shirt – it’s one of UNIQLO’s UT t-shirts. Completely agree with you, they have some of the coolest prints featuring some of my favourite icons and brands.

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