Hot dog eating ex-champ Kobayashi arrested in Coney Island

Hot-dog-460_797010c Some unexpected news from Takeru Kobayashi, the ex-Nathan’s hot dog eating contest champ, this 4th of July weekend: instead of partaking in the competition, Kobayashi showed up as a spectator but stormed the stage in rage after his nemesis Joey Chestnut took the championship again. He was charged with resisting arrest, trespassing, and obstructing governmental administration. He’s won the contest six times in the past, but didn’t take part this year because of some snafu with the contest organizers — apparently they wanted him to sign an exclusivity clause that would prevent him from doing other competitive eating contests without their permission, which sounds kind of shitty to me.

As you can tell from the number of previous posts I’ve done on the topic, competitive eating is a big thing in Japan. There’s even a Wii game where you can become a food fighter.


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One thought on “Hot dog eating ex-champ Kobayashi arrested in Coney Island

  1. what they did to him was really BS. But on his part he should have kept his cool. btw, hotdogs post some risk on child health.