New trend: kids getting pro hair removal

カラー写真:腕に機械をあてて脱毛してもらう小学生の女の子=福岡市内The Asahi reports a slightly disturbing trend — hair removal for little kids. One salon chain in southern Japan reports that it conducted over 400 hair removal procedures on kids between the ages of 3 and 18. The reasons? “I worry about how people perceive me”; “boys made fun of me”; “my friends told me I was hairy”. Some mothers dragged their 4-year olds to salons after the kids accidentally cut themselves while taking scissors to unwanted body hair.

Ugh, this sucks that little kids are so self-conscious about hair — it’s such a natural thing. I blame the razor companies for heavily marketing the beauty of hairlessness from decades ago.

Link (Japanese) (Thanks, Kazu Y!)

2 thoughts on “New trend: kids getting pro hair removal

  1. Oh my gosh. That IS very very young. I can only imagine what these poor kids going through. Then again, I did beg my mom to let me shave at 9…

  2. Dear “Kazu”, I’m 12 years female, and I’m having lot of unwanted hairs on my body. When I asked my mom, about the removal of this unwanted hair, she scolded me a lot, and said that these removal of hairs at small age leads to skin diseases.
    But after reading this article, I got hope that no side effects may attack. Can you please help me out with this…