Japanese tourists targeted for special tax in Peter Rabbit-land

Lakes_1626476c Lake District National Park in the UK is doing something no other tourist destination has done before — it’s exclusively taxing Japanese tourists 5GBP a head for visiting. The park is famous as the place where Beatrix Potter lived and hence where Peter Rabbit takes place, and about 35,000 Japanese tourists go there every year. This is likely the first time that one nationality has been singled out to pay a fee when it’s free for everyone else.

The money is going to be used for conservation projects in the park, which is nice, but it still seems a bit messed up to target one group of tourists over others. The officials who created the tax say it’s optional, but it’s an opt-out tax that is only presented to Japanese visitors — local visitors or those from other countries are not presented with the sheet of paper that asks for the “donation.”


2 thoughts on “Japanese tourists targeted for special tax in Peter Rabbit-land

  1. I didn’t see the problem at first, as I thought this was some park in Japan.
    Yeah, this is a problem and really F’d up. Why ask only Japanese? Why is this also “opt-out”? That’s craZy.
    Just put out a donation box and provide information leaflets in various languages on how people can donate.

  2. This isn’t a tax at all. The Telegraph article that you link to even says that. The Japan Travel Board worked with the Lake District Park and basically said “Japanese people love Eco, and they love Peter Rabbit. We could we offer two levels of tour, identical except we call one a “eco” tour and have an “optional” 5GP cost that will go to help support upkeep of the park” Naturally the park said yes. It’s an optional fee only applied to the special “ECO” tours that are identical to the normal tours. So, if you’re Japanese, and you specifically ask for the “Eco” tour, then they say “would you also like to donate 5GP to the park upkeep?”. It’s not a tax, and the people who say it is are just trying to make trouble.