iPed, also known as the APad

This TV clip investigates the sale of a new product called the iPed, or the aPad, that looks exactly like the iPad. It’s under $100 and made in China.

The Apple iPad goes on sale in Japan tomorrow.

via News on Japan

4 thoughts on “iPed, also known as the APad

  1. I’m actually lusting after this because it runs Android. I’d be scared of the hardware, because who knows how well built it is… but the OS, in my opinion, is the best portable OS around.

  2. I just order my iPed on http://www.iped-tablet.com for $199 including shipping worldwide by UPS (Direct from China). This iPed is a good option for android developer who want to try their app on larger screen. I think it’s a smart choice… Can’t wait to receive mine !