Driving schools offer massages, BMWs to attract clients

Some driving schools are now offering extra perks to attract people to their lesson plans. The Musashi Sakai driving school, for example, is targeting female drivers by offering manicures and massages on-site. Another school offers lessons in BMW and Harleys for those who expect to graduate and buy a luxury car, or just want to dream of one.


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2 thoughts on “Driving schools offer massages, BMWs to attract clients

  1. Doesn’t even scratch the surface.
    “Gasshuku” (study trip) options have increased in recent years with more and more perks being piled in – accommodation in nice hotels, good meals, leisure options to break up the monotony of lessons, etc.
    For example my wife and 2 of her friends decided to get their drivers license, and for about the same cost (250,000yen) as going to the local driving school and doing a few hours a week and taking a month to get their licenses, they decided to go to countryside Shizuoka.
    Transport was paid (in this case a bus, but for somewhere further out paid plane tickets isn’t unusual), they stayed in nice hotel-style accommodation, 3 meals a day was provided. Took about 2 weeks of daily lessons and practice to get their licenses.
    Plus a BMW is hardly anything special – plenty of places use Mercedes Benz or better: http://www.tomei-ds.co.jp/highway/index.html

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