Man holds real birthday party for virtual video game girl

1271761914835 ラブプラス 姉ヶ崎寧々

Remember Nene Anegasaki, the girl from inside the video game Love Plus who was once married to a real man named Sal9000? Well, apparently, some other dude decided to have a birthday party for her yesterday (according to the game, her birthday is 4/20). Here you see her smiling happily in front of her birthday cake and some cough drops.

Japanese link (Thanks, Ichiru!)

2 thoughts on “Man holds real birthday party for virtual video game girl

  1. So Lisa I know hard drugs are a problem in Japan like anywhere else (yakuza and the like), but is marijuana use common? Any exchange student I asked just gave a flat no or just straight up dodged the question.

  2. Oh my “God”!! What’s happening to the youth around “Japan”, are they completely going mad with these video games? Does it make any sense that marrying a girl from videogames, celebrating birthday for the photos?
    Drugs might also be another reason, for behaving in such a strange way. From my point of view, parents only can control them from doing this…..