Magibon featured on Akiba big screen

I knew Magibon had become somewhat of a celebrity in Japan after her strange stare down YouTube videos, but I didn’t realize she had made the big screen. Here, an ad featured at the Akihabara branch of electronics store Yodobashi Camera.

4 thoughts on “Magibon featured on Akiba big screen

  1. I realize that a lot of my resentment for her stems from jealousy, in that fickle Japan has not decided to make me their “next big thing,” but I think that resentment is well-justified in that she really brings nothing to the table. If she has any talent, she is not presenting them in any of her videos. She doesn’t sing, dance or act, she doesn’t speak Japanese (except for a few well-rehearsed lines), and she isn’t even all that cute. This makes the fact that they have chosen her to win the gaijin favor lottery that much more grating.

  2. Magibon is currently rotting on the pile of old YouTube memes right now. She got carted over to Japan and put on TV where it was revealed that not only was she completely devoid of Japanese ability, she is also unattractive from any camera angle but top down.
    She tanked almost immediately after that. So she might be something to laugh at in Japan, but her 15 minutes was up in the rest of the world about 2 years ago.

  3. I’d prefer this rather than the adverts that scream at me with the high volume of whatever product is being pushed at the time. Not as bad as the barkers along the main street using the little megaphones, but loud enough. Besides, five Yen cheaper than Sofmap, is nothing to yell about.
    From what I’ve read and seen, I guess this girl just stares at a camera and posts the video. While it doesn’t interest me, I won’t begrudge her, or someone that enjoys it.
    This looks like the board that’s between the station and the shop. Anyways, it seems like Yodobashi gets it, or at least understands otaku.
    What’s interesting to me is the envy/jealousy/hate others have for her, whatever the reason, it’s quite telling.