Japan Airlines eliminates direct flights to Amsterdam, San Francisco

Bad news for frequent flyers on JAL: starting in September, the airline is cutting direct flights between Tokyo and Amsterdam, Rome, Milan and San Francisco, and between Osaka and Guam, Hong Kong and Beijing. It’s too bad, I really liked JAL and frequently fly between Tokyo and San Francisco.

Update: JAL will, however, be flying from Haneda to San Francisco. Which is actually better. Yay.


7 thoughts on “Japan Airlines eliminates direct flights to Amsterdam, San Francisco

  1. Hi.
    I did a little research about the air ticket yesterday and found the following information very surprising. Usually, a ticket from Tokyo to JFK would cost approximately $1500 (one-way), while the cost for SGN (Vietnam) to JFK (transit at Narita) would cost only $1200. I was speechless. I planned to buy two separate tickets: SGN->TKY then TKY->JFK so I would spend a week in Japan. However, the two separate tickets’ price were out of my reach. I was confused and didn’t know why would this happen. I mean, literally, the distance between SGN to JFK is much longer than the one betweek TKY to JFK, why would it be cheaper?!!
    And I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Amazing job. Please keep this up

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