How to keep pigeons away from your window

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I recently discovered a pigeon nest near my bedroom window. I got rid of the nest, but the problem is that I don’t really know how to keep them from coming back. I did write an entry in my book about how to keep pigeons from landing on your plants, but I’m not sure if this tip will be useful in my situation. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know! I’m planning to hit up the hardware store this afternoon.

7 thoughts on “How to keep pigeons away from your window

  1. In Montreal, you can buy lifelike plastic owls that you put in your window, balcony to scare them away.
    I once saw at Daiso a black cat that had the same function.

  2. There’s a whole slew of things out there made specifically to keep pidgins off of surfaces, most involve covering the area with spikes in some way.
    Some of them should be quite inexpensive, but if you have some plywood and some galvanized nails lying around you can make one for free.
    Just put the nails all the way though the wood (put it down on some sand to make it easy) spaced fairly regularly, then put out the wood, spikey side up, and attach it with some reasonably weather-resistant adhesive, clamps or glue.
    That’s about the most effective solution there is, but it’s not kid-friendly, and is a bad idea in some locations (like anywhere somebody could coceivably fall on it from outside).
    I believe the old “silhouette of a raptor in the windows” trick might also work, if you don’t mind having bird outlines in your windows.

  3. I think if you hang a few strips of tin foil outside the window, it will deter them from coming back. Reflective things are supposed to do the trick. My old building had lots of pigeons on the balconies and I noticed some of my neighbors doing that.
    Good luck!

  4. fake preditors will only work once; they’ll figure it out pretty fast and then perch on your owl and poop on it. pencils sounds interesting, but if you go to the hardware store they can sell you some sticky goop that you can paint on the flat surfaces; the birds won’t like the tackiness of the perch and, if there is no other place to stand, they’ll go find another haunt. I’ve heard the same technique also works with teenagers, but haven’t yet confirmed that.