Baobab flavored Pepsi


The newest flavor of Pepsi in Japan is Baobab. Yep, as in the tree. No idea what that’ll be like. If anyone gets to try it before I do (the release date is May 25), please leave your two cents in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Baobab flavored Pepsi

  1. And beware how many you buy. According to this book I read, 3 or so of those could break your planet in pieces, if it’s small enough.

  2. Baobab leaves are said to taste like mustard leaves, but the fruit: “It is very nutritious, full of vitamin C and vitamin A. It has a very special flavour, but the closest I can get to it is jackfruit, which is like melon.”

  3. I had one in Kyoto a few days ago. I just grabbed it because it’s delicious. I didn’t know what Baobab was and just thought it was a tropical themed flavour, or something.
    It wasn’t that strange tasting. Just tasted really fruity.