Woman starves son because he looks like her husband

A 26-year old Nara woman named Mami Yoshida is suspected of having starved her own child, allegedly because he looked like his father, whom she is still married to. Apparently, the couple was having marital problems — to vent her frustrations, the wife started starving her son and neglecting medical care in January. The child was found, grossly malnourished and in a diaper, on Wednesday. At the age of five, he was just 85 cm tall and weighed 6.2 kg. The husband was also arrested; he admitted that he did nothing to protect his son.

The Yoshidas have a 3-year old daughter, too. As far as anyone knows on record, they took pretty good care of her, making sure she went to daycare and ate food.

This is just sad. Hearing stories like this makes me wish there were certain tests you have to pass to become a parent, as well as regular upkeep check ups. Kinda like what’s required for vision care, or to get and maintain a driver’s license.


2 thoughts on “Woman starves son because he looks like her husband

  1. Did you hear about the story of a couple that let their child starve because they were so addicted to playing some computer game (I believe the game was about raising a child too.. Oh the irony)?