PR lady quits her job to become a cheerleader

Picture 1Reuters Germany did a short video report about a woman who quit her day job as a PR person to become a cheerleader. I don’t understand German, so it isn’t clear to me whether cheering on the side of the street is her actual profession, or if she’s just doing that for fun or for the Reuters show.

Link (Thanks, Martin!)

4 thoughts on “PR lady quits her job to become a cheerleader

  1. Hi, it’s not clear if she really quit her job. But she’s doing the chearleeder-thing every morning to motivate the rushhour-workers. Once a man came to her, who just was planning to quit his job until he saw her dancing, so he redecided. The performance did she learn from internet-video. And she is doing it even in wintertime.

  2. The report does state, however, that she “was” one of the many workers going to work every morning, “until one day she had enough of the stress as a PR agent and the many troubled faces around her”. She wanted to cheer them up, hence the dancing.