Photos of 100+ Kit Kat flavors


On Boing Boing last week, I posted about the many flavors of Kit Kats in Japan and beyond:

Sampling different flavored Kit Kats has become a side hobby for some Japanese, and in turn Nestle produces unusual flavors for consumption — mostly in Japan, but also in other countries, presumably for Japanese tourists to take home as gifts. Some of the more curious flavors include soy sauce, grilled potato, and sports drink.

2 thoughts on “Photos of 100+ Kit Kat flavors

  1. WOW – I saw some different flavors and tried them, but I never saw, or would’ve guessed there were that many. The soy sauce doesn’t surprise me, but the grilled potato?! Omoshiroi!

  2. Flickr’s probably wondering what in the world I’m doing since I had a 100,000+ viewer increase since you posted my set on BB 😉
    Thanks for posting it. I hope everyone enjoys seeing the insanity from over here. I never imagined the set would get this big (my Flickr friend Overoften’s set is even larger, IIRC). I’m pretty lax about updating, so I’ve got a lot of shots that I haven’t UL’d yet or are just sitting in the fridge that I haven’t even shot yet. Busy? Lazy? Both 😀
    Next time Alanna comes over, tell her to buy you some 😀
    Oh, someone over @ CNN has been watching BB. They did their own take on the set as well: