Nujabes dead at 36

Inter Sad news — the amazing musician Nujabes (real name Jun Seba) is confirmed dead today. He was in a car accident late at night on February 26 when getting off the Shuto Expressway. He was only 36 and ridiculously talented. I first discovered his music at a tiny wine bar in Golden-Gai, and have been a huge fan ever since. He will be missed.

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10 thoughts on “Nujabes dead at 36

  1. Terrible news!
    At least his music will live on… I agree “Feather” is one of his most beautiful songs along with my other faves “Beat Laments The World” / “Shiki no Uta” with MINMI and “luv sic” with shing02.

  2. I found out through Taku Takahashi’s Twitter late last night. Didn’t sleep, just played his music all night.

  3. It’s always sad to find out about an artist because they died, but at least I found out. Wish it could have been any other way – I’m loving these chillout tracks.

  4. Eres el mejor, gracias
    a ti descubri otra
    forma de escuchar la musica,
    soy musico desde muy pequeño
    pero desde que descubri tu arte sueño con ser como tu algun dia, nuevamente gracias por
    enseñarme lo que tu haces
    descansa en paz nujabes
    siempre estaras en mi corazon
    gracias por tu musica.

  5. i still cant believe hes gone :/ i loved his music so much. my first song i ever heard from him was feather lol i loved that song so much, i put every single piece of song i could find on my ipod… god, take care of jun seba <3

  6. This was such an unfortunate thing because he was so cool when I first met him in Japan in 1999 we exchanged music and conversation on things we had in common once he found out I was from Kansas City Missouri and I knew Joc Max he was filled with excitement and was trying to get some of there past work out on the market again I appreciate the love and respect of this brother you will be missed dearly this is the person who turned me on to funky dl….