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Cell phone monitors employees’ every move

March 12, 2010


KDDI’s R&D lab has come up with a scary new monitoring feature for work-issued cell phones: enhanced motion sensors that “learn” employee movements and then report back to employers if the workers are not going through those motions during work hours. By combining a regular motion sensor with a back-end analytical sensor system capable of pattern-matching, the cell phone can tell if you’re moving too little or too much, or too erratically. Interesting…

Press release (Japanese, via Asiajin)

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March 12, 2010 at 10:02 am

This reminds me of Taser Axon head-cams for police, of which I approve.
I’m perfectly fine with monitoring those entrusted with positions of authority, but for ordinary line workers, there are less intrusive traditional measures of output which are probably a lot less likely to result in misunderstandings.

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