Setsubun festival at Toyokawa Inari

Today was Setsubun no Hi, so I went to Toyokawa Inari to score some good luck in the form of soybeans. There were a couple dozen celebrities there — each one was introduced to the crowd and gave a short greeting (some even played shamisen and sang songs), and then they started throwing beans at us. For more on Setsubun, check out my post on Boing Boing.

One thought on “Setsubun festival at Toyokawa Inari

  1. Tabemasen! 🙂
    I remember being down in Kyoto one year and headed over to Gion where the Geisha girls were tossing the beans. Actually, they threw whole peanuts in bags. I love Japan and it’s individual servings. Even for Setsubun. 😉