Mao Asada v. Kim Yu-Na in the figure skating short program

200px-Mao_Asada_2008_World_ChampionshipsWow. Did you see Kim Yu-Na and Mao Asada compete tonight in the Winter Olympics? They’re both so good! Asada skated first; her performance was flawless and she was the only woman to do a triple axel, but Kim kicked her butt, scoring 78.50 points — a world record — to a James Bond number. Personally I thought the fingers-pointed-as-a-gun finish was kind of cheesy and found Asada to be the more elegant skater, but Kim really displayed a power and style that was unrivaled in the competition. Asada had 73.78 points.

The most touching performance was by Canada’s Joannie Rochette. Her mom died just a few days ago, so she was competing while mourning — when she finished she broke down in tears, but skated her personal best and came in third.

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