ANA to have women-only toilets on international flights

Starting in March, ANA planes will have toilets designated as women-only on most international flights. Apparently, they’ve been getting a lot of requests. I’m not sure how I feel about this — maybe subconsciously there’s a part of me that is a little bit relieved when a woman exits the plane toilet, and not a man. Maybe because in my experience men tend to do things like drip pee on the floor or leave a couple of stray hairs behind on the raised toilet seat as a present. However, women on average take a much longer time, and I could see this causing some major crowding problems in the aisles.


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6 thoughts on “ANA to have women-only toilets on international flights

  1. As a man who opts to sit (when the seat is clean), I can totally understand. The other thing that men seem to miss, generally (no pun intended), is that standing urination (into a toilet bowl) -=requires=- that you use the provided tissue to wipe away any splash from the seat (even if it’s up!), underside of the lid and bowl rim. It’s just common courtesy, fellas.

  2. I understand that, with all the JAL news and whatnot, you might have JAL on the brain, but it is ANA not JAL that is doing this.
    Please reread the article you linked to.

  3. I’m usually the last guy to be politically correct, but I don’t think the stereotype is true at all. My wife complains incessantly about women’s toilets in Asia and how the toilet seats often have pee on them. I don’t think making toilets women only will make any difference to hygeine.

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