Curling, my new favorite spectator sport

Picture 1I just returned from a long weekend in Canada, where everybody is always watching the Winter Olympics right now. Although, as always, I love watching moguls and bordercross and luge, I also developed a newfound appreciation for curling. It’s such an interesting game! To my newbie eyes, it appears to be a kind of mix between lawn bowling and billiards — two teams compete to get these color-coded discs perfectly positioned in the middle of a bulls eye on ice by knocking the other team out and strategically placing their own discs in certain places.

Japan actually has a good women’s curling team, called Team Aomori (pictured here). They beat the US yesterday, and should be playing again today. I’m also on the lookout for places where you can play curling recreationally. Anyone know a place?

6 thoughts on “Curling, my new favorite spectator sport

  1. Granite Curling Club in North Seattle has a few public open house events every season. I went to one last year. For a small fee, you and your friends get a quick curling lesson and then it’s out onto the ice with your brooms for a couple of ends (rounds) of throwing and sweeping! It is actually really fun.
    The first open house at Granite is this coming weekend — see I might even be there myself…

  2. If you happen to be in Vancouver this weekend, or in mid-March:
    Mokuyokai Curling
    Please join us on the ice and take part in the Mokuyokai 4rd Annual
    Curling Experience!
    When: Saturday Feb 20 & Mar 13 from 12:45 to 3:00pm
    Where: Marpole Curling Club, 8730 Heather St, Vancouver
    *RSVP as soon as possible to