Apolo Anton Ohno, half-Japanese celebrated speed skater

Apolo Anton Ohno is an American speed skater. I’m sure you’ve seen him on TV — he’s very famous, tied for first for the most winter Olympic medals one by an American, and he was also on Dancing with the Stars in 2007.

Interestingly, Ohno was raised by his dad, a first-generation Japanese. Since the dad had to work a lot when Apolo was young, he enrolled his kid in after-school sports. That included roller skating and speed skating. You can see his dad in this Father’s Day promo video for the Vancouver Olympics. He’s doing really well this year and determined to win more medals, even if it means making some controversial moves, so keep an eye on him.

2 thoughts on “Apolo Anton Ohno, half-Japanese celebrated speed skater

  1. You do realize that Ohno is the worst of both worlds for Korea a Half Japanese American. Also the article you link to is a Korea Times article(maybe not the most impartial paper) in it the Korean that won the 1500m race apparently blames Ohno for the 2 other Koreans crashing each other out in front of Ohno(maybe he used the force) and in 02 Ohno felt he was blocked and the Ref agreed and Korea just blames Ohno.
    Check out this article
    It also references another Korea\America Olympic incident
    so sad

  2. the article you link to in the korean times is biased, poor journalism. the nationalistic writer thinks the judges don’t know what they are doing. ohno is great and despite the korean poor sportsmanship has been very complementary of the koreans. that is sportsmanship.