The legend of Unagi Inu explained

CIMG3834.JPG In the popular old school slapstick “gag” anime series Tensai Bakabon, there’s this mysterious animal called the Unagi Inu. It’s a blue, fat-lipped dog-eel hybrid that lives in the same neighborhood as Bakabon and his silly gray-skinned dad. He’s kind of girl crazy, and the cop is dying to eat him. Anyway, Bakabon was on TV last night and I watched it for the first time in at least a decade; the episode was all about Unagi Inu and how he came to be. You see, Unagi Inu’s dad is a dog (inu) and his mom is an unagi (eel). One day, the dog was walking past the local fish shop when he saw the eel jumping out of its bucket. “Help me!” she was saying. He instantly fell in love, and took her with him. Now they live happily in a small Japanese-style home on the outskirts of town.

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