Free smoking space


Since lit cigarettes are banned on the streets in a lot of wards now (you may remember how my friend James was fined for smoking in Akiba), you need to find a Free Smoking Space like this one if you want to light one up after a meal (unless, of course, you’re in a restaurant that allows smoking.)

5 thoughts on “Free smoking space

  1. I’m really glad I did not run afoul of this when I was there. The only indication I had that I was on a non-smoking street was the paint on the asphalt, and occasionally a sign. I did notice that some streets have a smoking side and a non-smoking side, which seemed to be a nice compromise. Still, I was simply pleased to be able to smoke in bars, something I can’t do almost anywhere in the states.

  2. I also saw a lot of smoking stations out on the busier streets. I liked these smoking rooms because they had vending machines inside where I could get Dunhill Fine Cuts, the only cigarette worth dying for and sold NOWHERE else in Japan but Tokyo! Those are all I’ll ever smoke and when they ran out, I quit.
    Okinawa, other than Kokusai Dori, has no such bans and I wonder if Tokyo’s example will be followed.

  3. There is the ongoing story that some smoker in Japan poked a kid’s eye out while carelessly walking down the street, smoking. I was not able to verify that online yet. But this seems to be a big motivator behind all the smoking bans in Japan. On the other hand, it is still ok to smoke in most restaurants, which is kinda nice.

  4. I’m not a smoker but I do see the appeal of having a place to purchase cigarettes and smoke comfortably. Here in California it’s really frowned upon to light up near other people. Especially when crowds of people are together. Example: I was waiting in line for a bridal fashion show and a young lady lights up in front of me and my friend. My friend and the two women behind us start saying things out loud behind her back just to let her know how much it was unappreciated. At that point I wasn’t sure who was being rude to each other – both, right?
    Not that I want to encourage more smoking but a space for it sounds like a heaven for smokers especially when it looks as nice a lounge as the picture above. I remember passing by one when I was in Tokyo. It seemed like a nice place to rest in with all the seating and vending machines with drinks and snacks… if I was a smoker.