Woman eats 399 bowls of noodles in 10 minutes

Nn20091110a5a 45-year old Hatsuyo Sugawara won a noodle-eating competition last month, when she downed 399 mini-bowls of noodles in 10 minutes. Each bowl had 10 grams of soba noodles; according to The Japan Times, this means she ate the equivalent of 40 normal-sized noodle bowls. It’s actually her third year winning the competition, which is held in the noodle-famous city of Morioka in Iwate Prefecture. Her nickname? “The Witch” — it seems there’s still a stigma that women who can do extraordinary things are freaks.

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3 thoughts on “Woman eats 399 bowls of noodles in 10 minutes

  1. Couldn’t make it an even 400? What gives? Really though, 40 normal bowls in 10 minutes.. That’s 1 every 15 seconds. That’s a lot of noodles.