Video: Girls taking cell phone pics of boy band drama ad campaign

At Omotesando station last night, dozens of women were lined up taking photos of these giant posters featuring five topless pretty boys. It appeared to be an ad for an upcoming drama series called The Last Promise, but I still didn’t understand why everybody was taking photos. I finally asked one of the women, who told me that this was a limited edition ad campaign that ran only from 12/28/09->1/3/10. For that period of time, FujiTV had bought out all(?) the ad space at Omotesando station and pasted these provocative photos of the five guys — who, by the way, are from the popular boy band Arashi and are making an appearance together for the first time in a decade — on all the walls and poles. I don’t know for sure, but it looked like some of the women had come all the way from out of town to take pictures of it.

2 thoughts on “Video: Girls taking cell phone pics of boy band drama ad campaign

  1. if I were there I would so be taking pictures too! I love Arashi 🙂
    They debuted 10 years ago, so this year is a special year for them. The last time they appeared together in film was for their movies Pikanchi life is hard dakedo happy(2002), and pikanchi life is hard dakara happy (2004) and Kiiroi Namida(2007). So everyone is excited. I dont think they even realise how many fans they have in North America!
    Somehow they make me think of the beatles, they are extremly popular around the world, and have made movies (and now a drama) together. I haven’t seen any other Johnny’s entertainment group do this much…(but I’m no expert, so I could be wrong)
    Anyway! sorry for typing so much, I was just exited to see Arashi on your blog. 😛

  2. ok that explains it… i was also at that station the other day and saw the same thing happening. wondering why the hell so many people were taking pictures of a poster.