Subway campaign urges people to get drunk at home, not in public


A series of new manga-ified public service posters by Tokyo Metro shows people getting drunk, putting on makeup, and doing other embarrassing things on the train. The message, written boldly at the top in Japanese and English: “Please do it at home.”

via Boing Boing

5 thoughts on “Subway campaign urges people to get drunk at home, not in public

  1. I love these, and what I love most is that woman in the top right corner. She’s on every poster with that uptight hairstyle and passive-aggressive expression on her face.
    I think my favorite is the makeup one, where the disapproving woman appears to be in the next train car over from the makeup lady, yet still can’t turn her angry gaze away from the outrageous behavior that does not affect her.

  2. I don’t remember giving consent for Tokyo Metro to use my likeness!
    While they change them each month, I thought they would just reuse from the previous year. More is good.
    I think I printed some up last year, but substituted the “at home” with the name of a favorite bar in Roppongi.

  3. It’s a curious mixed message that’s being sent. On the one hand, “Please refrain from drunken behavior” – on Tokyo Metro. Instead, “Please do it at home”. Your wife, kids, cat, etc all thank you!

  4. This poster fails to acknowledge the awesome joy of encountering and watching staggering drunks in the street. That’s one of my favourite people-watching things to do when I’m less than staggeringly drunk in those same streets.

  5. This is my favorite of all in this series. I ride the Yamanote home sometimes after a late night at work and you would not believe how many grown men in suits I have seen loosing their lunch in front of everyone. Plus every car smells like a brewery. Can’t wait till the holiday season is over.