Man selling New Years postcards at Omotesando


Happy New Year everybody!

As you all know, it is a tradition to send nengajyo, or New Years postcards, in Japan. It’s the busiest time of year for the national post office, and also an opportunity for them to make a few extra bucks to compensate for the lack of business that things like email and text messaging has bestowed upon them. At Omotesando station the other day, I encountered this dutiful post office employee selling blank new years postcards in front of the cool bathroom sign. I love the contrast between old Japan and new Japan, the busy modern Tokyoites stopping at this neon-lit bathroom wall to buy these archaic 500 yen-a-pack postcard sets with coins from this balding, determined government worker. This photo was taken by the talented photographer Mr. Tetsuya Miura.

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